Ideal Siding

Ideal Siding

Do you want to be a part of a leading brand in its niche and set new standards for other companies? We have no idea how other companies will be able to compete with our franchisees.

Do you know that siding renovation is the most expensive part of renovation (often over $30,000 per project)? More expensive than windows, roof, kitchen, plumbing, etc? As a result, we don't need that many projects to hit significant revenue numbers. And most importantly no door-to-door marketing or work with insurance companies with never-ending paperwork.

Why would you pay royalties if the company does not have a full support system in place? We train our support team in the in-house call center to know more about siding than most installers with 20 years of experience.

Do you know that the most essential thing in the home renovation business is to find clients who would pay a premium and pay on time? We do all the marketing in-house, and we do it much better than the 3rd party agency. We have been doing it since 2011 in the siding industry.

High margins, industry highest average ticket, in-house marketing, call center, recruiting, field coaches, IT and a fantastic community of franchisees (some with Harvard MBA). What's the catch? Talk to our franchisees; they also thought there was one.

Ideal SidingIdeal Siding
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